Tuesday, 28 October 2014

'Net Noodling

Another show I watch is MTV's Catfish. I find it fascinating. I think that if I were to meet a guy online and never video-chatted that he would think he's catfished; I'm that incredulous in person. I sympathize with the people on the show because I have stretches of social awkwardness too. I can totally see myself being more comfortable chatting to someone new at home cozy in my ridiculously pink plush bathrobe
than putting myself out there in the meat market. I think nowadays, social interaction is really tough. My social circle only keeps shrinking. When it comes to people, new just isn't exciting anymore, new is exhausting. I find it tiring trying to keep someone's attention much less standing out as an interesting character! If I talk to you in face-to-face, I'm apt to say something off-color. If I'm quiet, it isn't because I'm snobby; sometimes there's just nothing going on in my empty little head!