Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Shrink wool not savings #Review

Janice is a Canadian crafter and owner of Etsy shop ApplegarthLavender. Her home-based enterprise carries economic dryer balls in a 6 pack for $25CADEach batch is unique due to their handmade nature. 
Felted wool globes are made from reused strips of deep blue 100% wool fabric wound into a tight ball, finished off with a colourful abstract webbing of 100% wool yarn, and then felted. The result is a complete set of these innovative dryer aids ranging in blended hues from maroon to turquoise. 
The purpose of these balls as they bounce around in your dryer load is to create pockets of air so your laundry dries faster. They also eliminate stiffness as a replacement for fabric softener. Do good for your clothes; don't coated your laundry in chemicals! If you prefer a scent, add a drop of essential oil to the balls and allow to dry prior to using.

Okay, here's the legal part where I have to say that while I was given this product compliments of the sponsor, my opinions are unbiased and free of coercion.