Thursday, 18 February 2016

Hair drama trauma

A stylist at Suki's Academy sought me out from seeing my Facebook photos. She needed to cast a specific category of hair model to finish her lineup. I wasn't expecting to do a gig right now, so I had to last day rush to prep my hair for the go-see. She wanted to go classic for my look, so after an extensive day at the salon I emerged with all-over uniform color. I am still coming to terms that they dyed black hair black! 

Memorable hair modelling moments:

- My first audition happened because my coworker recommended me; I had no clue what was expected of me and was asked to do my walk for the hair competition. FYI, I didn't get a callback.

- Being surprised and impressed with the mood board a Blanche Macdonald stylist put together specially for me. Unfortunately she didn't oversee the shoot plus I didn't fully get the theme, so we both ended up not liking the portfolio pics from my first photoshoot.

- The Vidal Sassoon session where 2 stylists spent 3 hours simultaneously cutting my hair.

- A male model and me coincidentally were both running late and met on the same transit route ("hmmm, she/he has funky hair and is dressed in all black too...") and then later were left to scrub off special effects make-up on our own. Lesson learned: always bring wet wipes.

- When a make-up artist dolled me up into a British runway face and I was left utterly speechless when I woke up because I was unrecognizable to myself in the mirror. I never possibly imagined I could look so Caucasian.

- A John Casablancas Institute graduation where the stylist gave her models celebratory liquor before the show and I walked rather drunk, ate a lot of cake with a blonde European model, then skytrained home with fresh flowers still in my hair.

- For a bridal assignment, a stylist wanted to put extensions in. I turned her down because I had been booked for creative color and cut the week after and didn't want to sit through hours of work just to have it all removed.

- The time it involved 4 hairdressers and 2 locations to get my hair ready and afterwards thelaboriously took 1.5 hours to blow-out my hair. My husband waited in the car talking to his friend on the phone wondering why it took so long to blow-dry hair.

- A stylish cut my hair til she cried. 5 hours ended with a bawling blow-dry.