Monday, 2 June 2014

So this is me:

Forget the the Pantone color forecast for this season; I'm glad Radiant Orchid never caught on. I for one am still loving last year's Emerald. I never thought green hair would be so vibrant against my skin tone! It makes me feel like a mermaid. Or as per my significant other, I should be Sailor Mercury for Halloween. 

My hair changes a lot, as fast as I can grow it actually. For the past 2 years I've been hair modelling as a hobby. I can say I've had fantastic success experimenting with always unique looks. I'd highly encourage you to trust your stylist! Hair can completely change the way you look. Hair always comes back; it's the one thing you can play with without consequences! 

Another perk to hair modelling besides the free make-over is the model gift! Here is a hair treatment I've received:

Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair 60sec Treatment 
Look this stuff up on Google for reviews. My hair generally is great for showing off color jobs because its so very very black, but to get the colour in, I have to bleach it to blond. Bleaching hurts your hair, but thanks to this, you'd never know it. Hello soft smooth glossy hair!