Sunday, 26 July 2015

Evergreen #Review

Good morning!

Kathy and Eryn of Etsy shop SoulSoapMuskoka sent a sample trio pack of their earth toned bamboo/wool blend make-up remover scrubbies for my review. These are a reusable environmentally friendly replacement for disposable cotton balls.
Because of the bamboo in the yarn, their finished product is incredibly soft, supple, and cushy beyond expectations! You can definitely feel the difference in quality as compared to similar face scrubs from their competitors. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, a renewable resource, and over many years, is biodegradable!
I really like the Evergreen color too (You may have noticed I like anything that matches my hair color of the moment)! At $5 for a pack of 7 to get you through a week, these little hand-crocheted rounds come in a myriad of shades as shown here: 

Included as well was this sample of SoulSoapMuskoka's lovely rose soap! The delicate natural scent is divine!

Whole miniature rosebuds are embedded as a topping like the final touch on a piece of cake!

Their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant Green Tea soap also looks really enticing!

Okay, here's the legal part where I have to say that while I was given this product compliments of the sponsor, my opinions are unbiased and free of coercion.