Thursday, 16 July 2015

Lavender lullaby #Review

Blueberry season is in full bloom and the pickings are bountiful! Fresh from the farm fruit are the sweetest. Look at these little bubble bursts of flavor!
Just the right timing for a photo op with Kelly's $19.57CAD hand-crocheted in 100% cotton lavender, sky blue, and white colorway yarn wooden bead teething necklace from Itsy Owlphants

Moms lead busy lives. Teething necklaces try to keep baby busy too. Colors and textures are meant to stimulate their curiosity and apply their fine motor skills. One product for both parties! Happy baby = happy mom.
For the nature conscious family, you'll be glad to read these next details regarding the safeness of materials. The beads are all natural, non-toxic, and unfinished shima superba wood; schima superba is an evergreen tree belonging to the tea family!

Okay, here's the legal part where I have to say that while I was given this product compliments of the sponsor, my opinions are unbiased and free of coercion.