Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Credits #Review

If you've been following since it's beginning (Hello Germany!) you may have noticed that my blog name has changed. It was originally 
Jessica Rabid: A narcissistic lifestyle 
due to lack of foresight and experimental direction. Then, from feedback by a potential sponsor that backed out because of the title, I changed to the less severe 

A sunny side up lifestyle 

Unfortunately, the url remains; this cannot be modified without starting over!

A few of the blogs that have been inspirational for it's current state are:

These 3 are predominately giveaway sites that thrive on a smaller scale managed by no more than 2 people. To me, their simple content posts looks like blogging at a maintainable level.'s clean format and polished professional layout,'s capability in being compensated for hosting giveaways that introduce products without being into categorized a niche market,'s multitude of daily entry giveaways to drive traffic, are all qualities I admire. 
As tribute to these predecessors, here's a sponsor that I think would've been worthy for any of the 3 to feature: 
KnitCableCrochet's $20.27CAD infinity scarf is a made by a special technique called arm knitting which creates loose large loops for a relaxed feel. Speckled oatmeal textured yarn further enhances its character.
A contrasting cuff with Nine West button adds another dimension of texture.
The long length allows for double or even triple times wrap around.

Okay, here's the legal part where I have to say that while I was giv.en this product compliments of the sponsor, my opinions are unbiased and free of coercion